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Rusty Sounds in My Belly, Were You My Nightmares?, 2023, Epoxy, Cotton, Rice yeast, Steel, Hinges, Aluminum Cast, Video 5 Min 49 sec, 1080 p, Variable Dimension

Shells of Probabilities, 2023, 60s Stainless Steel bowls, Korean Ritual bowls, Automobile parts
total 13 pieces


I Slit the Mammary Gland, and Heard the Echoes of Unknown Land, 2023, 60s Stainless Steel Bowl, Egg, Sesame Oil, Bells, Makkeolli

Detailed view <Shells of Probabilities>

Bone On Bone Echoing, 2024, Egg, Automobile Parts, Bone Conduction Headphones, 220 x 60 cm

Free The Bone From The Flesh, 2023, Stainless Steel, Steel, Grill plates, Motor, PVC, Makkeolli, Akademie der Bildenden Künste München

    Grabbed, 2023,Aluminium Cast, Stainless Steel, Variable Dimension
A Smooth Exit, 2022  2022, Steel, Aluminium Casts, Wax, Rolls, Hinges 150 x 375 cm

Self-Portrait,  2022, Bronze Cast, 40 x 55 x 20 cm, Whiskey in glasses

femme 2022 Chairs, 52 x 57 x 210 cm

<ISSUE 1: Liminal Bridges>, 2022, Synchron Magazine