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Kay Yoon ( * 1994 Seoul, Korea, lives and works in Munich and Seoul )
delves into the intricate connections among social rituals, sensory experiences, and identity within spatial contexts. Yoon's acute awareness of the tension between tradition and modernity informs her restrained, minimalist aesthetic. Her work adeptly navigates power dynamics, personal struggles, and broader cultural narratives, reflecting a profound commitment to both individual and collective memory. Rooted in physical and sensory experiences, her artistic expression unfolds through performances and bodily engagements with her sculptures. The complexity of identity in the post-modern era, along with the significance of physical encounters, is skillfully abstracted by the artist's playful incorporation of ceremonial function and cryptic gestures.


2020 - 2023  Study at Academy of Fine Art, München, Prof. Alexandra Bircken
2018 - 2020  Study at Academy of Fine Art, Nürnberg, Prof. Michael Sailstorfer
2018 - 2020  Study at Academy of Fine Art, Leipzig, Prof. Joachim Blank
2016 - 2018   Study at Academy of Fine Art, Nürnberg, Prof. Ottmar Hörl
2013 - 2015    Study at Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul

  Solo/Duo Exhibitions

2023  Bone On Bone Echoing, Sauers Berlin, DE
2022  A Smooth Exit From Eternal Inflation, SOMA 300, Berlin, DE
2022  Borderless Breath, Between Commas, Some Space, München, DE
2021   Play, Touch, Grip -sic! Elephanthouse, Lucerne, CH
2021   Paratexual Skin - Projektort 4D des BBK LEIPZIG e.V. Leipzig, DE
2019   The Piece Of Sculpt You Left In The Playground - HGB, Leipzig,  DE
2018    Elsewhere is My Where, Akademie Galerie, Nürnberg, DE
2018    Stay Anonymous! - PrimaKunst, Stadtgalerie, Kiel, DE
2017    Room: Digital Materiality 101 - CICA Museum, Kimpo, KR
2017   Suche Eingeben - Vitrine am Hauptbahnhof Nürnberg, DE

  Group Exhibitions

2024   A Little Bit of Solidarity Goes A Long Way - Zirka Space, Munich, DE
2024   MOUVEMENT 1 - System D, Malakoff, Paris, FR
2023   On Listening - Lothringer Halle 13, Munich, DE
2023   Debutant Exhibition - Halle 6, Munich, DE                                  
2023  Tacker - Galerie der Künstler, Munich, DE
2023  Fragrant Tissues - beacon, Munich, DE
2022  Where An Eagle Meets Fish - Nokwoodang Culture And Arts, Haenam, KR
2022   Herbstball - Galerie im Schlosspavillon, Ismaning, DE
2022  installation - inter.pblc, Copenhagen, DK
2022 Shallow Holes, Hollow Shells - CIRCOLO -Lia Mostra d’Ert,  St. Ulrich / Urtijëi, IT
2022   All that is solid melts into Air, Springbraettet 6a, Copenhagen, DK
2022   Liminal Bridges - Trauma Bar und Kino, Berlin, DE
2022  Januar - Goldberg Galerie, Munich, DE
2021   Rituale - Projektraum 145, Berlin, DE
2021  Vis a Vis - Gallery Baturina, Leipzig, DE
2021  Wild Hair : dissident hair practices - Apthk Lab, Wuppertal, DE
2021  To be successful in hunting, Think like a prey- Kunstpavillon München, DE
2021  Seasonal Black - Werkschauhalle, Leipzig, DE
2020 Eine Letzte Sache Noch - Alte Handelschule, Leipzig, DE         
2020  Bodyscan, Körper der Gesellschaft - Burg in Tittmonig, DE
2020  Windwo Display - Fonda, Leipzig, DE
2020  Der River - curated by Michael Sailstorfer, Anselm Reyle, Gregor Hildebrandt, Halle 14, Baumwollspinnerei, Leipzig, DE
2019  We All Should Be Lichens - AO Kunsthalle, Leipzig, DE
2019  Rrooaarr! - Tiergarten Nürnberg, DE
2019  Human Particles Of The Living Sun - The Art Foundation, Athens, GR
2019  Backup - Projektraum KA, Leipzig, DE
2019  Art Teleported - CICA Museum , New York, US
2018   It’s Just A Matter Of Utility - Lindenauer Hafen, Leipzig, DE
2017  Going Headless - curated by Övül Durmusoglu, Adbk Nürnberg, DE
2017  Best Of - curated by Barbara Engelhard, Joana Maxellon AEG Halle, Nürnberg, DE
2017  Dada - Blindeninstitut Rückersdorf, DE


2024   K.A.I.R Artist in Residence, Košice, SK

Stipends / Awards

2023  Project Funding, Erwin und Giesla von Steiner Stiftung
2023  Catalog Funding, LfA Förderbank Bayern
2023 Debutant Promotion Award, Bayerisches Staatministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst  
2022  Project Funding, Akademieverein, München
2022  Deutschlandstipendium, Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung
2020  Kunstkalender, LfA Förderbank Bayern
2019  Project Scholarship, Freunde der Akademie der Bildenden Künste Nürnberg e.V.
2018  Class Prize, Akademie der Bildenden Künste Nürnberg


2024 Group Exhibition: MOUVEMENT 1, Paris, at Art Critique
2023  Solo Exhibition: Bone On Bone Echoing, Berlin, at Kubaparis
2023  Group Exhibition: Debutant Exhibition, Munich, at Süddeutsche Zeitung
2023  Group Exhibition: Fragrant Tissues, Beacon Art Gallery, 
                          at  Tzvetnik
                          at  Kubaparis            
2022  Group Exhibition: Where An Eagle Meets Fish, Nokwoodang Culture And Arts Foundation    at Haenam Local Newspaper
                          at Kubaparis
                          at Ofluxo
2022  Group Exhibition: Herbstball, Galerie Ismaning, at Gallerytalk
2022  Group Exhibition: intallation, Copenhagen Fashion Week, at hypebae
2022  Solo Exhibition: A Smooth Exit From Eternal Inflation
                           at Ofluxo
                           at PASSE-AVANT
                           at Kubaparis
2022  Group Exhibition: To the Land II,  at Kubaparis
2022  Group Exhibition: Hollow Shells, Shallow Holes
                            at Kubaparis
                            at La Usc Di Ladins
2022   Solo Exhibition: Borderless Breath, Between Commas at Kubaparis
2022   Group Exhibition: Liminal Bridges at AQNB
2021   Duo Exhibition: Rituale at Kubaparis
2021   Interview at Vasistas Magazine 
2021   Solo Exhibition: Play, Touch, Grip Contemporary Art Pool
2020   Work: Sculpt Quarttete,   Raumwww
2020  Group Exhibition: bodyscan, Körper der Gesellschaft,   Chiemgau Zeitung
2020  Work: Playframe for Transcendental Bodies at Rundgan io
2020  Group Exhibition: We All Should Be Lichens, Leipziger Volkszeitung
2020  LfA Förderbank Bayern Kunstkalender